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Early in the history of Nairn Sailing Club meetings were held in the Highland Hotel, Nairn. This was before the first official clubhouse, a small wooden hut, was built by the club. It would be a further 15 years before members built the current clubhouse which overlooks Nairn harbour. The clubhouse has a wide range of facilities including showers/toilets, kitchen and a briefing room with WiFi. Further details of these can be found by clicking the link below.

Nairn Harbour.jpg


The first club boat in Nairn harbour was called “Kyra” and was owned and skippered by one of the club founders, Hugh Wilson.

Club boats were initially moored in the harbour but members soon built a small pontoon from old oil drums and decking to enable some boats to have alongside berths on the west side of the harbour.

In the mid 1980's, the club initiated dinghy sailing, mainly from the central beach. Emphasis on dinghy sailing in the club largely grew through leadership from Paul Chaplin and Robbie Gordon and a very successful spell based at Whiteness just west of Nairn.

The club yard was initially on the south side of the harbour, next to the clubhouse. In the early 1990's, the expansion of the club and negotiations with the Council enabled yard facilities to be moved to the west side of the harbour where more space was available.

Modern pontoons were installed in the late 1980's using funding from an EU grant. This greatly improved access to boats.  A further, more recent grant has added a further pontoon and increased harbour capacity to over 90 boats. 

Past Commodores

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